Información sobre los próximos eventos

Vision Quest AyaPuma Samay 2018

VISION QUEST AYAPUMA SAMAY 2018 JULY 6th – 21st. Taita Imbabura, Sacred Volcano. Ancestral Territory of the Karanki Tribe. Cloud Forest and Natural Reserve. Santiago Andrade León. Medicine Man, Spiritual Leader of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan. Chief of our Vision Quest in Ayapuma Samay Ecuador and in Nina Urcu Sicily, Italy. Ceremonies and Circles […]


Vision Quest 2018 – Nina Urcu – Sicilia ITALY

Dear family, welcome to Our new temple of Vision Quest in Italy , NINA URCU “The Mountain of Fire”  close to our sacred Volcano Mama Etna. We are sending this voice towards the seven directions to invite everyone to our Vision Quest ceremony, that will take place August 24 through September 7, 2018, in the land of Sicily islands […]


New Year Ceremonies in “Encantada”

& Dear family “La Encantada” we are close to the end of the year and we want to celebrate with our family of “La Encantada” and from all the directions. This will the proper moment in which we take the opportunity to turn the page, close chapter and open to a new year with good intentions, […]


2 Tobaco Ceremony in Portugal – O Porto January 6th 2018

TWO TOBACCO CEREMONY IN THE HALF MOON ALTAR is a Medicine Ceremony that has the purpose of healing and cleansing. The Half Moon Altar brings us back together around the Fire to lift up our prayers as a community and family, in recognition and memory of All Our Relations, as the path towards our natural […]