International Transpersonal Conference 2017


The International Transpersonal Conference 2017, entitled “Beyond Materialism – Towards Wholeness“, will take place September 28 – October 1 2017 in the magical city of Prague. This unique event returns to the Czech Republic after 25 years, once again under the auspices of Stanislav Grof.

The ITC 2017 is a global gathering aiming to radically review our reality.

Selected speakers will discuss the true nature of consciousness.

Transpersonal psychology, Deep Ecology, Psychedelics, Science, Quantum Physics, Technology, Shamanism, Religion, Spirituality, Art.

We want to discussed will be the global crisis and future of humanity, reconnect and move towards unity.

The time is now.

About 90 speakers have been accepted and will present their findings and projects in 7 different thematic tracks. Attendees can choose from more than 40 workshops including holotropic breathwork workshop with Stan Grof. Also, almost 50 contributors were accepted for poster presentation. There will be 6 parallel tracks – 4 with presentations and panel discussions, 2 dedicated to workshops. The lectures will be held by transpersonal pioneers (Stanislav Grof, David Lukoff)), psychedelic leaders (Charles Grob, Rick Doblin, Janis Phelps, Michael and Annie Mithoefers, Jacques Mabit) prominent thinkers (Raymond Moody, Ervin LaszloAmit Goswami), psychologists, psychiatrists and parapsychologists (David LukoffChristel Lukoff, Etzel Cardeña, Sandra Harner), scientists (Dean Radin), antropologists (Luis Eduardo Luna), the spiritual path seekers (David Steindl-Rast, Shaykha Amat-un-Nur), world famous artists (Alex Grey, Allyson Grey) and many more.


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During this conference Fuoco Sacro will be the opportunity to support with a circle of Sacred Songs that will be lead by Dario Hampi Pakari and Leo Muyarimu Wayra from the family of Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan.